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Independent BDSM & fetish escort, party as well as club chaperonage, discreet home and hotel visits and overnights for the generous epicureer

Curvy & kinky – describing me in a few expressive words, these two describe it best: Curvy and kinky. Because I've often been complimented on my unusual silhouette, compared to a fertility goddess and my figure admired as "African".

During the day, I am the sophisticated employee in a bourgeois job. Besides that, I have a hidden side that I would like to live out frequently with the cultivated gentleman. Sexuality is now just a sport. As the companion of your passion, I will dive into a varied, bizarre world with you, to raise our lust to unimagined spheres.

Dirty bitch
I stick to the words of Karl Lagerfeld: "Shame is a question of self-respect." And I like to show myself for what I am: obscene, vulgar and, if you like it, pretty scurrilous. I like to wear pantyhose and underneath only for our eyes exciting sexy lingerie and stockings of all kinds.
I like enormously stimulating games. It excites me incredibly when you touch my round grippy ass as we turn each other on with dirty talk to a naughty game!
It is a special delight for me when I get the opportunity to destribute my special pleasure juice all over your face and body during facesitting... I also love the idea of ​​licking and letting lick toys that have just escaped from my pleasure grotto...

Submissive servant
I will follow you on a multi-faceted journey as a dedicated usable submissive. I long for you to turn my servile nature into a tool of your irrepressible lust. I will serve you, be obedient to you, you will satisfy yourself with me with all your desires and whims, mentally as well as physically.
My preferences are not necessarily in the masochistic realm, although a little corporal punishment stimulates my head game. My strengths reside more in classic humility. I am your servant of pleasure with every fiber of my humanity. Your wishes are my challenge. My motivation is to obey you and to spoil you in every conceivable way - of course always taking into account my taboos and our common health.
The passionate gentleman who does not confuse devotion with masochism will ask a lot of me; You will dominate me and I will endure your dominant dispositions and humiliations. Orders are my lust, orders that increase my master's excitement inexorably. I find it particularly appealing to be partially deprived of my senses by a blindfold or a gag in order to enjoy the endless tension... A lot is possible, from easy to moderate education.

I am also a docile, sensual cocotte for the gentleman, for whom dominance is completely new territory. Let me assist your first steps into BDSM.

​Soft to hard playmate
I also like to switch roles imaginatively, i.e. if the gentleman wants me to, I become also an active part.
You like a little dominition, of course paired with bizarre verbal eroticism. - A special attraction for me lies in the interplay between humility and dominance. My soft-dominant fantasies are wide-ranging.
I love to take control of your body with the strap-on, to either gently play or twirl your nipples until I am about to receive Radio Tokyo. It is a heavenly idea to have you at my feet and to serve you my champagne...
It should be a bizarre, exciting game that completely satisfies both partners - in every way! Please consider, however, that I am not a trained dominatrix, but that I live out the dormant dominant tendencies in you to a certain extent.


Let us realize our fantasies together and trigger a dopamine blast! My aim is to leave you satisfied after our time together - to have created moments that you will fondly remember afterwards.
An interpersonal encounter should be just as relevant as our living out of physical pleasure, with all senses and in every conceivable way.


I can rarely be booked for spontaneous sessions because I exersise a job and my mobility is limited to the availability of public transport.

If you are not looking for a top model, but for a thoroughly natural servant of passion with whom you can also talk on a sophisticated level, and you are also a serious, eloquent GentleDom outside of a session, then our delightful game can begin... Please check for more informations in my List of Kinks.

Bizarre greetings,
Curvy Kinky

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